Health and Creativity

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Your physical health is boosted by creativity!

Learning to live with yourself

Is the hardest of friendships

We have such a wealth

Of opinions, words from our own lips

That confuse, bemuse, lose essence

In our own doubt, route, and persistence

Creativity can restore, implore, reward

Harmony, dreams, courage, and soar

Our health to higher heights

And clearer vision with inspired sight…

Deborah A. Bowman


Which One Are You?

Something to ponder pertaining to the health of the mind and perceptions of a healthy psyche. I recommend this blog reposted here as noteworthy and healing. It teaches us to look at others with open perspective. –bowmanauthor

Mugilan Raju

Some will push me higher, while others will drag me down.

Some will soar with my thoughts, while others will crawl with my shadows.

Some will fill me up, pouring pieces of their own soul into me, while others will empty me with bitterness and their noise.

Some might say that I am a wordsmith, who lubricates words with a pen filled with my own seawater tears so I could write an ocean of love for her.

Others claim that I am a fraud, hiding in between lines.

Some might say that I am a narcotic in the rawest form, you can get high on my words, the kind of high you would get when stardust runs in your bloodstream and galaxies tangled in your mind.

Others claim that I am a drug dealer, and you are that drug addict who keeps coming back for more.

Some might say that…

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Becoming Whole

If you are lost, maybe you need some quiet time to heal

Search your heart and mind for what is real

Your health depends on your outlook and energy

Make better choices in activities and let synergy

Bring you reason and peace in life’s new role

Take the time to make yourself whole