Wishing You a Beautiful Spring, Easter, and Passover … Beauty in rhyme calms the mind and brings happiness, wellness, and joy! Let your healer within show you the way … I can get you in touch with that beautiful side of yourself … Contact me! There is hope after Auto-Immune Disease Diagnoses…

To A Sunday Morn

Today is made for growing

With Spring knocking at my door

The sky is dark and clouded

The rain serenely pours

The flowers gently peek

From their Winter’s hiding place

The robin he doth seek

A pine of firry lace

The rain is bringing growth

To every flower, bush, and tree

The creeks and rivers floweth

The rain is bringing growth

To every flower, bush, and tree

The creeks and rivers floweth

With eternal life to be

The clouds gently part

A ray of sun kisses the earth

It enlivens my heart

With Spring’s wondrous rebirth

From a church on yonder hill

The bells of Sabbath ring

The world is quiet ’til

The birds begin to sing…

By Deborah A. Bowman, copyrighted in 1962, but please do SHARE … just mention my name and blog, http://www.bowmanauthor.com

morning scene, creative visualization
Utopia in Sunlight




This poem was about me, four years ago, without the use of my right hand after yet another surgery. Before that it was my left knee, twice, and now it’s my back … compressed fractures which no surgeon will touch. So into the wheelchair I went. Lupus and RA are insidious. But I’m beginning to get a little mobile again … REIKI HELPS!

Fill the Body, Mind, Spirit With Hope!

Sometimes you just have to laugh, rather than cry.

It does no good to wonder why.

A writer/editor needs her hands

To create and massage the words that land

On her desk or spring from her brain.

But who’s to pen them? It’s silly insane…

To watch irony wreak havoc again…

A story,  a novel…of course that’s when

All the words come together in the perfect blend.

You’ve been looking for them a long, long time.

It doesn’t matter that they don’t even rhyme.

But the howling laughter of the ridiculousness

Of a healing wrist, captive in a brace, no less,

Breaking out in hives from that which heals and defends.

Such are the joys of Lupus, my friends.

The wolf will not get me as I count my blessings.

I’m alive today…no second guessing…

I can poke fun at insidious Lupus

Because I will be here to kick up a fuss

Of giggles and puns about my blisters.

It may not be the case for my sisters,

Who share this deadly disease with me.

Give thanks for the times that you can see

Beyond yourself to the plight of others.

Another day…Another sunrise…Another…

Chance to laugh and let my words be heard

Even though they’re ludicrous and absurd.

I send my giggles and grins to all who cry

Because they can’t smile or stand or even try

To keep the Lupus wolf from devouring them alive.

This writer/editor who can’t hold a pen or type

Can still speak to her DRAGON and all is right!

I am happy to laugh at my silly sorrows

Because there will be new words to write and correct tomorrow.






The Spring Snowstorm is beautiful, but it can be dangerous. Care for your health and wellness. Enjoy it from the comfort of a warm window seat…

The first day of spring is tardy

Snowstorm “Toby” is hearty

Watching the flakes from a window

Safe, warm, receiving Reiki by remote, so…

In the United States, that’s how it goes…

Healing, believing!

Snowstory Toby, 3-21-18

An Author, Writer/Editor and Publishing Advisor Whose Wake-Up Call Became a Calling to Help Others as a Wellness Advisor. Follow me …

I am a ghostwriter, as well as an author and editor, and many of my thousands of  followers know I write memoirs, but I have never written my own. I hid behind my words and songs and art until one day when I couldn’t hide anymore. It was an accident, a drug interaction,  a misdiagnosis by the doctors that refused to acknowledge it. At the time, I didn’t know or want to know that I died that day in the emergency room … for mere seconds? I’m not sure. Only my husband knows the full truth. I have been blessed because of my experience. I came back with a mission!

For the past 7 months, I’ve been researching, studying, training, updating certifications. I’ve turned to holistic healers and healthy snacks and shakes. I’ve lost some weight, not enough, but it’s made me feel a lot better. I’ve cut out over half of my prescription drugs with the horrible side effects.

I had already met people with auto-immune conditions because it’s in my Bio that I was diagnosed 28 years ago. I met even more on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, at the doctor’s office, at a restaurant we go to; even when I was a patient in the hospital, I was teaching a RN about SLE Lupus because her BFF had just been diagnosed, and she was going to the beach to sunbathe … in Miami! Yikes! Neither one of them knew that sunshine makes SLE worse, life-threatening. It turns it on!

I’ve met many, many more people these past 7 months with SLE Lupus, Discoid Lupus, Juvenile Lupus, Geriatric Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis,  MS, Depression, Autism, Encephalitis, Ischemic Stroke, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, on and on and on. But what was I supposed to do? I guess I’m the type that has to be hit in the head with a brick to see what’s right in front of my eyes. People need help, and our world is getting more toxic  everyday.

THE REST OF THE STORY: I prayed the night before on August 27, 2017, as I have before. I asked God to take me, to bring me home. I know now it was the prescription drugs talking and not my intention. I hurt; I was depressed; I was scared … but I ended my prayer as I always have for many, many years. No, not often, just a few desperate times when the pain was just too much to bear. “Please, bring me home, dear Lord. I’m ready …” Then I would take a deep breath and whisper, “But if you need me, God; if anyone needs me, I am Your vessel. Tell me where to go, when to go, who to see. I know when I get there, the words will be there because you always send them to me. So, even though, I’m ready… if you need me, I’m here, as always. Amen.”

I’m living stronger than ever because of the things I’ve learned and the research I’ve done in the months that followed my “wake-up call”. My body, mind, and spirit are working together for a change, even though I hit the big “65” in about a month. This is my personal story and educational journey, the one I never thought I’d write.

This website is not replacing www.bowmanauthor.com, and I’m still writing, editing, advising people on publishing. I’ll never stop that; I love it! But this blog is the place to go if you want to share advice, suggestions, or want to hear about some of the things I’ve tried that have worked, actually helped me … a lot. Let’s connect on social media. There’s a big world out there that needs help from all of us. This is the company I’ve found that works  best for me. https://sidsclar.isagenix.com/

There is an added value with the website above to be able to order products online with a money-back guarantee that can support multiple non-profits and global fundraising projects as well as make the world a better place in which to live.

Also, I will be offering online remote Reiki and Hypnotherapy, individually or in groups. Just fill out the CONTACT FORM. The relaxation, focus, and healing aspects of these ancient disciplines, which I have been involved with for three decades, were essential in my transformation. I had forgotten the advantages I learned and shared with others many years ago. I thought I was too busy to be involved in these life-changing, blessed remedies. Now I realize, everything is much clearer and projects are accomplished much quicker with more precision and creativity when the right energy is flowing through me.

As we look at our pets, we see the peace and tranquility we seek to find for ourselves. This is our Molly, 17 years old and as playful as a kitten. Yes, I have been blessed!

Molly, 3-11-18
Molly, symbol of peace, contentment, health, and one of my regular Reiki clients.




Sometimes you must open your eyes to see where your journey has taken you … don’t blink your eyes; don’t miss a moment of life!




The signs have been all around me this week.

They’ve given me hope and courage to seek

The parts of me that are strong, not meek.

I should have known when I spoke of memories

That I would see I needed to let go.

Yes, it was time, within my mind, to know

There are many people that I must show.

Then, just now, a mere moment ago, a blog I read

About “… not living in the past …,” it said.

Another message, another sign, to tell me

I don’t want to miss what I must see

On this path … for it leads to right here and now.

And that’s all there is for anyone, but how?

Hoping for tomorrow to see something new.

Helping others to find the truth.

Just reach out and we’ll find it, this time,

A new way, a new day, a turn-key

To start you on your life’s journey…