Sometimes you must open your eyes to see where your journey has taken you … don’t blink your eyes; don’t miss a moment of life!




The signs have been all around me this week.

They’ve given me hope and courage to seek

The parts of me that are strong, not meek.

I should have known when I spoke of memories

That I would see I needed to let go.

Yes, it was time, within my mind, to know

There are many people that I must show.

Then, just now, a mere moment ago, a blog I read

About “… not living in the past …,” it said.

Another message, another sign, to tell me

I don’t want to miss what I must see

On this path … for it leads to right here and now.

And that’s all there is for anyone, but how?

Hoping for tomorrow to see something new.

Helping others to find the truth.

Just reach out and we’ll find it, this time,

A new way, a new day, a turn-key

To start you on your life’s journey…